Street Maintenance

Creekside Parking Lot and Street Maintenance FAQ

Q:  Why was the parking lot proposed?
A:  Each year City Council creates a list of priorities and goals for the city.  Improved off street parking has been a goal for the past few years.  The presented parking lot was a proposed concept to address this goal.

Q: Is the parking lot approved for construction
A: No, the proposal was a concept of where a parking lot could be placed.  The request was to move forward with getting proposals for the costs of the project to be able to establish a proposed budget. 

Q:  Where did the $285,686 price come from?
A:  City Staff asked its engineer for a concept drawing for the property and an engineers estimate for the project.  It is not the true cost of the project. 

Q:  Are there any changes to what was discussed?
A: Yes, the property is considered open space.  What this means is no structures can be placed on the property and the parking lot must be unpaved (44CFR 80.19 (a)).  The proposal will be an extension of the existing Creekside Park parking lot with similar characteristics.  This will substantially lower the cost as there will be no asphalt, sidewalks, or curb and gutter. 

Q:  What is the timeline for the project:
A:  City staff will be working to come up with a final design option that meets the requirements above.  This will happen through the spring and early summer.  In late summer the city would request proposals with submissions due in fall.  Submissions would then be presented to City Council for their review and decision whether or not to move forward with the project.  If approved, during the winter City staff would do site preparation and move irrigation lines. Work on the new parking lot would start in early summer 2024.

Q:  If the city chooses to do the project, how would it be funded?
A:  It would be funded through the City’s Street fund. A more accurate definition is Transportation fund as it covers everything associated with transportation.  There are two sources of revenue for this fund.  The primary source is State Revenue Shares.  The second source is Utility User Charges.  For 2022-2023 budget year the city budgeted to receive $264,871 from the state and $79,224 from the Utility Charges.

Q:  What does the city have planned for street repairs?
A:  The city does plan to do street repairs and address the potholes.  These repairs are typically done in the warmer months, which allows for better results when repairs are completed.  The city also has a plan for street construction projects.  Due to the high cost of these projects the city  looks to ODOT grant funding to help with the cost.  For this reason, only one project is proposed each year.  This year, with council approval, the City will apply for a construction grant to complete an asphalt overlay of Stevenson St, and SE Myrtle View Dr.  We have identified an overlay of Holly St and Leon St for the 2024 grant application project.

If you have any questions about the City’s transportation program, please contact Lonnie Rainville at