Notary Service

The City offers notary services to the public at City Hall during normal office hours. While City Hall has multiple staff members authorized to provide notary services, it is suggested to call ahead to ensure that a notary will be available when you arrive.

Myrtle Creek City Hall:         541-863-3171

Notary services are free to residents that live within the city limits of Myrtle Creek. For those outside city limits there is a $10 fee per notary signature.


  • Individuals seeking notary services must present valid photo ID.
  • Notarial services are free of charge to residents inside the city limits. There is a $10 fee per notarial act for individuals living outside the city limits.
  • Documents must have a complete and accurate notary block.
  • The City will not provide witnesses (other than the notary).
  • By law, the City cannot copy or certify birth or death certificates and marriage or divorce decrees. Certified copies are available from the agencies in charge of those records.

  • The City will NOT notarize the following documents:
    • Wills or codicils;
    • Foreign currency transactions;
    • Depositions;
    • Child custody agreements;
    • Mortgage, closing, or bank loan-related documents;
    • I-9 Forms (form is not required to be notarized); and
    • Any other document the notary is not comfortable notarizing.*

*The notary may, at their discretion, decline to provide notary service if the customer, document, or circumstances of the request for notary service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty.