Property Leins

The City is entitled to a financial interest in some properties within the city limits and within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) of the City of Myrtle Creek.  The financial interest is most commonly referred to as a lien.  The most common reasons for the City to have a financial interest in real property are for services rendered, but not paid, pro-rata shares of infrastructure improvements, and for loans being repaid in installments.  The financial interest of the City when zone of benefit areas are created are known as potential liens.

All City liens are entered in the City's lien file.  The file is accessible by clicking on the link provided.  Every effort is made to keep the lien file up to date; however, title companies (and other searchers) are encouraged to verify final pay-of amounts by contacting the City directly at 541-863-3171.  This is especially true for liens that include an interest component.