Streets and Utility

The Public Works Department provides for the management and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, trees; wastewater collection and treatment, and storm water collection; water plant operations and distribution, utility billing, vehicle and equipment maintenance.  The Public Works Department provides effective and efficient services that contribute to the safety, health and quality of life for the citizens, businesses, customers, visitors and employees of Myrtle Creek.  We are dedicated to excellence in developing and maintaining an advanced infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community. 

The City of Myrtle Creek provides a wide array of public services that are vital to the efficient daily operation of our City. From installing new traffic signs to maintaining storm drainage lines, all of the dedicated Public Works Department Staff work diligently in their mission to constantly maintain the quality of life that residents of Myrtle Creek have come to expect.

Public Works is located at City Hall, 207 NW Pleasant Street, call 541-863-3171.

The Myrtle Creek Public Works Department organization consists of four separate departments:

  • Administration
  • Public Works Services
    • Streets
    • Water Distribution
    • Wastewater Collection
    • Shop services
    • Airport services
  • Wastewater Treatment Operations
  • Water Treatment Operations 

Administration and Services

Public Works Administration, oversees all aspects of the Department.  Many of the contracts and construction drawings for projects accomplished in the community are created through this department.  Project cost estimates, grant applications, response to customer inquiries, inspection of construction activities, department budget development, and department goals are coordinated at the administrative level. 

The Department tabulates monthly water meter readings.  The activities of the Water and Wastewater Departments are considered enterprise revenues funded through customer payments for services. 

The Department is responsible for maintaining our street system which includes the storm water collection system, water distribution system, wastewater collection system, shop services and airport services.  In addition to providing assistance with community events, they often participate in parks and treatment projects. 

Shop Services

Vehicle and equipment maintenance is a requirement of the Public Works Services Department.  Some welding and metal fabrication takes place at the shop along with minor equipment and vehicle maintenance and repair for the City’s fleet.  

Report a Street Light Out

Public Works is located at City Hall, 207 NW Pleasant Street, call 541-863-3171.